The tour of Latvia from October 2011 until October 2012. Bauska, Ventspils, Roja and Valmiera.

Some photos from the exhibition in the Juras Varti, center for Performing Arts in Ventspils.

Way to the sea, Ventspils

Way to Juras Varti, big white house in the background, click on the image

Explaining (photo by Anna Ornina)

Flowers at the opening, (photo by Anna Ornina)

Workshop, (photo by Anna Ornina)

My exhibition in Bauska, Latvia, last year continues touring the country during the summer of 2012.

With the help of the Swedish Embassy in Riga and Uppsala Municipality  I will exhibit in

Ventspils May 5  - June 5

Roja June 9 – July 31

Valmiera August 27 – Sept 28

Gudrun in the Gallery Ice Cellar, Valmiera, Latvia

Way to Juras Varti, big white house in the background, click on the image

Vänskapsband – Konstnärsgrupper i Uppland

K5, gruppen där Annica D Almén, Ragnhild Brodow, Eva Källander, Kristina Jansson och jag ingår, deltog i  denna utställning på Uppsala konstmuseum, med delar av vårt projekt “Händelser i kök”, “Kitchen Events”, tidigare visat i Mariannelund och på konsthallen i Ronneby

(Om K5, se under About uppe till höger)

What´s underneath?

Uppsala konstmuseum

Kitchen events in Ronneby

” Kitchen Events”, “Händelser i kök”,  joint exhibition shown in Mariannelund, Småland last summer, at Ronneby konsthall from the 29th of January -  20th of March, 2011.

Five Chinese and five Swedish artists all give their personal views on the subject. The members of this group have worked together before in the Log-book project 2003-2005.